blast from the past: five favourite haute couture shows

It was incredibly difficult for me to choose just 5 couture shows. These are the ones from the 2000s, which I remember seeing on a Czech TV show about fashion (cancelled for years now...). It is a bit nostalgic to see these pictures, while as beautiful as they are, three of the four designers do not do couture anymore. I miss Alexander McQueen as well as the couture creations of Riccardo Tisci, but most of all, I miss Christian Lacroix. By the way, these  5 collections are ordered completely randomly.

Jeam Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2007: (video link)

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2009/10: (video link)

Christian Lacroix HC Fall 2005: (video link)

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 Ready to Wear (although most editors think of this as HC): (video)

Christian Lacroix HC Spring 2006: (video link)
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Tick it! Wear sneakers with elegant clothes and mix the unmixable.

Ever since Chanel introduced the sneakers during their HC show, bloggers wear them with everything. They are comfy, they look good and they completely change the way I look at the tick logo. I never craved them. I hate the word 'trend', yet the clash of styles in these outfits changed my mind. Now I really want them...

How to wear them:
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my mag collection + favourite issues

It is hard to say whether my collection of fashion and lifestyle magazines is overly extensive or not. I wish I could have more of them, though. I have to say I do not add that many print issues into it as 1) I live in the Czech Republic where these kind of mags are difficult to obtain/are extremely pricey 2) bought an iPad so I store the majority of the mags in there... I also no longer crave British and American Vogue (even though American Vogue is the magazine I own the most issues of), yet the German, French and Italian versions are still awesome. Among the other favourites of mine, LOVE, i-D, W, Dazed, Numéro and Frankie have their spot.


Numéro #129; Karlie Kloss photographed by Greg Kadel, a lovely gift from a friend brought to me from Marseilles.

I couldn't pick just one since I love the covers so much. I got the Karlie and Jourdan one from a friend as a gift, the one with Grace Coddington I bought in WH Smith in Oxford and the one with Karlie at the bottom was ordered directly from (cost me 9 quid including shipping, in CR it would be 500 CZK...)

personal favourite: LOVE magazine, Katie Grand is a fashion goddess and so is Kendall Jenner, the mag comes out twice a year and is an absolute delight to both read and flip through, rich in editorials and wonderful photographs, I bought both of them in the UK and prayed the weight of my luggage was ok at the airport :)

anything with Karlie that I can get hold of goes straight to my collection, the September issue of UK Vogue was photographed by Nick Knight (who is a favourite photographer of mine) and the other one from December is a German edition, which MIRACULOUSLY, you can buy in Olomouc

the Sunday Time Style supplement, a lovely gift from Magička, with yet again, the one and only KK on the cover

the September issues of US Vogue. If you saw the documentary, you understand the hype.

two issue of Italian Vogue: the controversial one with KK (a debate was sparked as she is thought to be too skinny), brought to me directly from Italy by my twin sister Haňule and another issue with Linda and a pug!!!, which I found at the Czech equivalent of ebay, Aukro

two issues of a magazine I have been reading a lot lately, the Australian Frankie, which focuses on art and design rather than Fashion as such

Genderblend - when women dress like men

In this day and age, when women work on Wall Street and men are on paternity leaves, women marry women and men men, why do we still feel restricted in terms of gender when it comes to clothing? We are forced by some moral or whatever standards to wear push-up bras. But one can easily pick up a few pieces from menswear like a simple shirt (XS sizes are usually on sale and they fit me perfectly), a hat, a pair of sunglasses or a coat. It is more comfortable, and without a doubt much more sophisticated. I personally find a combination of a men's shirt with a simple black lace bra way more sexy than a tight miniskirt. I just think it is cool to become a gentlewoman once in a while.

pictures: pinterest (mine is akashisko)

Good-Time Girls

VOGUE UK April 2014
Models: Catherine McNeil & Drake Burnette
Photographer: Vincent van de Wijngaard
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers

How amazing is this editorial from the current issue of British Vogue? I love the 50s vibe as well as the choice of models. Catherine McNeil appeared on several runways this season and I cannot be happier about it! 50s America is just the perfect era for me, the diners, higways and motels.